Friday, January 25, 2008

Is Your Bedroom Nice?

My friend Jenny had this question on her TFT post.

Well, is it?

Do you have the bedroom we all envy?

I seriously have a ghetto bedroom. And as of yesterday, I am done with it. It's just so ugly. The ugliest points of interest:

  • Corner piece to a sectional sofa

  • Weight bench

  • Bare naked box spring

  • No blinds, absolutely no blinds

  • Husbands work printer

  • 782 water bottles on the floor

Plus, random articles of clothing and an unmade bed don't help the cause. So...... If you know me, I hit a breaking point and I put it into high gear. With almost anything. But I need to convince the husband that this is something we need to spend the money on. Haha... this is easy. The conversation went something like this:

"Honey, this room is so nasty and uncomfortable. This is not a good place. We need to make it a place where we want to spend more time." DONE. SOLD. OFF TO BED BATH AND BEYOND. Seriously, it doesn't get any easier than that. Try it ladies.... And if you don't have to talk to your husband before spending some dough, then, more power to you.

So I bought a few things. Curtains, quilt, pillow cases, and dust ruffle. I've already returned the quilt because it's just not big enough for my big *SS bed. (Which, I'm going to warn you about if you are in search of a new mattress. We bought this Simmons Beauty Rest a few years ago. It was like... $2500. EEEEK! We had a few beers and then went mattress shopping. Not a good combo. Anyway.... the thing is junk. I think the sags where we sleep would qualify as a warranty issue but the letter they sent us said that because of stains to the pillow top, it voids the warranty. Like I could help my water broke when I was in bed!) Back to the point.... So now I'm back to looking for another quilt/bedspread.

But I thought it would be fun to compare my last few bedrooms. I know my style changes with every house we've lived in.. I think I'm only missing 2 bedrooms pictures since we've been married.

Olympia House:

Tacoma House:

Current House:

Slightly Updated:

I'd like this bedroom furniture from Pottery Barn. LOOK AT ALL THAT STORAGE! YeeeeeHaaaaaaw! Just the bed. Not the accessories or bedding. And I think it comes in a few different colors and a price tag of $1700 + S/H. And that doesn't include the headboard. There will be no easy conversation for this piece. It's just not going to happen! I'm looking for similar alternatives. Anybody seen this somewhere else, in King size?

Anyway, Kim has shown us her master suite. I'm not the only one on the subject. Maybe it's tax return season and people are going to be doing their bedrooms!! Are you?


Mel said...

Wow...I LOVE the very first bedroom color....I'm a HUGE fan of warm colors like that, my favorite color is're so lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

wow! great job. and good idea on the comment to the hubby, that would totally work, he might even pitch in on the cleanup! it's on my list... i WANT to love my bedroom. I DO, I DO, I DO -- i love my furniture and the color of the walls, unfortunately it's a catch all - for other misc. furniture from the house that's unused or unwanted... when we're cleaning and don't know what to do with misc. items... up to the bedroom it goes. the ambiance leaves much to be desired. you've inspired me to clean, organize, and decorate. or at least start.

Anonymous said...

oops - i posted anonymously - that last comment was from me - jessica :)

Kim said...

that paint color in the tacoma house is what i've decided to do in our bedroom! let me know if you remember the brand or color... i think i have one picked out already that's pretty similar, but that one looks great! i like all your bedrooms... i think you should show more room pics!!

jenny said...

okay. i think i might grin and bear it. this weekend we'll do shots of my bedroom to make you all feel much better about your own! hahaha!

lovin' your new looks. you must be having lots of fun with that new camera!