Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Is it okay for one to post 19 pictures on their blog in one entry??!!

Thank you to all these gift givers!!! We thought we'd put up a post for the grandma's and grandpa's. We love you!!

Ok... the kitchen set was from Eli and I to both the kids... it's a hit!

Table and chairs from Papa Cox and Momma Jill....

Family Portrait:)...

D Boy in the new dump truck!!

Dane is getting pretty good at standing up!

Is this Ethan Wilson or my son?? Holy Cox......

Thanks to Grandma Shelley's sewing, Naydine has a snuggle robe. Thanks Sam for the cool sweatshirt! I love this blue color!!

From Gma Shelley and Papa Shayne. Cute Gymboree outfit!!

Me and my kids!!

Christmas Eve at the park..... 60 degrees outside. Yeah, we are NOT used to that!

Thanks to Shayne from Eli for the shirt!

Yeah, D Boy didn't really get the gift opening concept, but, NEXT YEAR!!

Gma/Gpa Downey hooked Naydine up with an apron! Perfect edition to the kitchen set! Yeah!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The 4 1/2 Hour Foil

You tell me. Does this look like I just got my re-growth touched up? Yeah, I didn't think so.

So if anybody is interested in hearing the rest of the drama, here's how it went down:

As you may have read in a previous post, I was doing this "hair model" thing and all I would have to pay for was the color. Sweet! You know, you just have to be able to trust that the 'new girl' will be well supervised and not mess your hair up.

So, I walk (no, make that a run) out of the salon 4.5 hours later with a full foil, no trim, and a blow dry. No style. What the hell was she doing for 4.5 hours?? You've got me!

After inspecting my hair last night, I came to the realization that she was putting shampoo in my foils. [Hehe... I'm so funny.] Because according to my 20/20 vision, I still have regrowth.

I call the salon today and talk to the owner. She seems to think that I don't understand the "hair model" program. That if I want "more highlights" I'll have to book an appointment with a floor stylist and they don't have any more appointments the rest of the year. That includes getting in for a haircut. Wait, then she tells me I could get in next Tuesday for the color and next Friday for the trim. Yeah.... like I have a built in babysitter.

So..... I just told her that I won't be coming back there. Which kind of stinks because I think I really would have liked the owner of this salon. And everybody else who was walking out looked great. I just wanted her to make it right and obviously... that was NOT going to happen. Kind of weird.

But I did get some low-lights... and those look ok. But, then I think the color looks kind of BLAH too. Kind of dull or something.....

On a lighter note......

Is it safe for your child to put a plastic bucket around her entire head? Oh man... we laughed so hard.

And of course... my D Boy..