Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1001 Updates

There's a lot going on around here. I have a ton to update on. Let's touch briefly on the highlights.

Naydine is back in pre-school. This year she is at Sandhills Classical Christian School and so far, so good. Her teacher actually attends our church, so we'll be seeing her 4 days a week! Here are her First Day of School pictures, back date to Sept. 3. Slacker mom takes 2 weeks to post these important photos of her firstborn. Oops.

I've borrowed this book from my friend Jessica. I need to be honest, my kids do not eat properly. I throw them hot dogs, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, waffles. These are my staples. SICK. When did I start this?? Oh yeah, when they stopped eating what I wanted to eat and I thought they were going to starve to death. Not that I expect them to eat fresh Sockeye Salmon off the grille with sauteed asparagus. Kidding... I only eat like that every once in a while.
I've made a couple of the recipes. And with all recipes, they must be tweaked. I'm basically making things like I always make them, but just adding pureed vegetables. Which is cool. I don't really care if my kids eat lowfat. I like Dane chubby and Naydine needs the fat. I've made the chocolate beet cake, which I know is delish because my MIL has made that for me before. Just made some chili tonight and I've also added sweet potato to some Velveeta shells the other day. I literally could not taste the difference. Some stuff I can, some I can't.
Naydine is doing pretty good with it. Dane, not so much.

Anybody else out there sneaking veggies into their kids meals??

Moving on.....

I've been doing some photo shoots lately. Which is taking up ALL my time. Editing them is RETARDED and FUN. Haha...... But most of all, TIME CONSUMING. I have started a photography blog, which I'm not ready to share with all my bloggy friends at this point, but be on the look out in the next few days. I have a good portion done but just need to add a few more pictures and details.
I have an interesting shoot on Friday. It's for the local D.A. who is going for re-election. She has asked me to shoot their 'Meet and Greet the Candidate' photos as well as some candid shots at the BBQ fundraiser. Cool, considering Elizabeth Dole is likely to be there!

I have a HOUSE UPDATE. I need a crowd cheer on this one people. We have approvals and we should be putting up the silt fence tomorrow, I believe. Which is a START. This is not technically breaking ground, but to me it is! hahaha.....

Other than that, anybody want to see a picture of the pottery I painted last Diva Night. Haha.... I didn't think so! I'll impress you at a later date!