Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gone and Done It.

Yeah, we broke down and got an XBox and Guitar Hero. We've joined the rest of the world and have an Xbox, again. Not that my husband has ever been at a lack of video/computer games. It's just that, I think the XBox and GH were my Cmas present? haha..... weird!

We came back from MN and a few weeks later, we got 4"-5" snow here in NC!! What!! And it's been chilly! I'm over it. I can't wait for Spring. And blooming trees. And a finished house. Which I was really struggling this past week trying to pick a trim color. Normally I feel like I have a vision for the "big picture" and this time, not. so. much. Frustrating. But, we went really crazy and picked....... wait for it......... CREAM. hahahaha...... Look at the lower right hand of the picture. I've been painting some samples on the garage. Well, I guess you can't really tell...?? Anyway, they have most of the siding up and most of the brackets. I think I like the brackets..... They were originally going to have more arch, just slightly. But they were up when we got back from the Tundra and I think we're okay with them. Dang, look at that snow!

See those 2 gaping holes under the porch?? Smaller hole is for the front door. The larger is for the office doors. Can you see the Along the Way Photography sign hanging on the eave? Kidding. I'll be sure to use a bright neon sign for that.

Sneak peak of the dining area, which is in the kitchen.

Oh yeah, we also cut Dane's hair. He went straight from helmet head to a bowl cut. Hack job, by the way. He's pretty cute though! Let me update with a picture as soon as I give him an attitude readjustment. Man, he has been challenging lately! Terrible Twos, we are here.
I've been staying busy taking pictures, editing, house stuff, trying to keep up with the current house. Any prayers for the sale of the current house are greatly appreciated. :)
I also need to document that I caught Dane, about 10 days ago, sitting on the big toilet in my bathroom taking a pee. It was crazy. I heard water so I thought he was splashing in the toilet. I was ready to throw down, came around the corner and saw him sitting backwards on the pot doing his business. It was a joyous moment. That has been followed with cleaning poop up off the floor. I love it. Right. And speaking of poop, yesterday Naydine decided that she would give us a little surprise. She did a #2 yesterday afternoon and when Eli brought her to bed last night, he found it still sitting in the tub. Oh yeah, you read that right. IN THE TUB. She told him that she hid her poop. Really? She also told him that she did it in the toilet but she picked it out and hid it in the tub. Are you puking? Or laughing? Honestly.... both?
Ok, I have to go get stuff done!