Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fonts and Pages

Where does everybody get their fun fonts? I've gotten a few at Tell me.

And I am NOT good at html. No, that's an understatement. I don't know how to do any of it. So, I don't know how to customize my blog page. I have to use a template made by blogger or somebody else. Give me a quick pointer. Please??!?!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Is Your Bedroom Nice?

My friend Jenny had this question on her TFT post.

Well, is it?

Do you have the bedroom we all envy?

I seriously have a ghetto bedroom. And as of yesterday, I am done with it. It's just so ugly. The ugliest points of interest:

  • Corner piece to a sectional sofa

  • Weight bench

  • Bare naked box spring

  • No blinds, absolutely no blinds

  • Husbands work printer

  • 782 water bottles on the floor

Plus, random articles of clothing and an unmade bed don't help the cause. So...... If you know me, I hit a breaking point and I put it into high gear. With almost anything. But I need to convince the husband that this is something we need to spend the money on. Haha... this is easy. The conversation went something like this:

"Honey, this room is so nasty and uncomfortable. This is not a good place. We need to make it a place where we want to spend more time." DONE. SOLD. OFF TO BED BATH AND BEYOND. Seriously, it doesn't get any easier than that. Try it ladies.... And if you don't have to talk to your husband before spending some dough, then, more power to you.

So I bought a few things. Curtains, quilt, pillow cases, and dust ruffle. I've already returned the quilt because it's just not big enough for my big *SS bed. (Which, I'm going to warn you about if you are in search of a new mattress. We bought this Simmons Beauty Rest a few years ago. It was like... $2500. EEEEK! We had a few beers and then went mattress shopping. Not a good combo. Anyway.... the thing is junk. I think the sags where we sleep would qualify as a warranty issue but the letter they sent us said that because of stains to the pillow top, it voids the warranty. Like I could help my water broke when I was in bed!) Back to the point.... So now I'm back to looking for another quilt/bedspread.

But I thought it would be fun to compare my last few bedrooms. I know my style changes with every house we've lived in.. I think I'm only missing 2 bedrooms pictures since we've been married.

Olympia House:

Tacoma House:

Current House:

Slightly Updated:

I'd like this bedroom furniture from Pottery Barn. LOOK AT ALL THAT STORAGE! YeeeeeHaaaaaaw! Just the bed. Not the accessories or bedding. And I think it comes in a few different colors and a price tag of $1700 + S/H. And that doesn't include the headboard. There will be no easy conversation for this piece. It's just not going to happen! I'm looking for similar alternatives. Anybody seen this somewhere else, in King size?

Anyway, Kim has shown us her master suite. I'm not the only one on the subject. Maybe it's tax return season and people are going to be doing their bedrooms!! Are you?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Body Art

So last night I had to ice my back because it was pretty sore. You know I'm all about preventing another flare-up of the herniated disc. Ice is gooooood.

So I use this ice pack I got from the new chiro. I always put the ice directly on my back, but normally I just use a ziploc with ice cubes. So I do the normal length of icing and go to bed.

This morning, I was bending over and Eli asks me if I had iced this morning. Um, no. Why? Aaahh... take a look at your back, Jaime. Nice..... FRICKING FROST BITE?

Is it cool? Does it look tribal?? hehe.... just in case you need a closer look.

I guess I better lay off that icepack. Geesh....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Picture Update

Just a couple shots that I've taken and edited. I'm having a little bit of fun with this while Eli is watching 'Hot Rod'. Has anybody watched this movie? It's not EXACTLY my flavor, but Eli is laughing.... so that's good.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I know I've kind of been missing from the Blog World. But, Eli's been home since Christmas, so you know how that goes. There isn't that much time for blogging. There has been a little bit of time for taking pictures. Man, I'm loving this camera. LOVING IT. Yes, I copied a couple of you girls and went with the Rebel. I have CS2 and have just started on online class through the community college in town. However, I can do a few touch ups that look decent from a different course I took.
Anyway, I'm taking this little bugger to the Veggie Tales movie today at the theatre. This will be her 2nd time going to the theatre. And this will be my 3rd time going to a theatre since I gave birth to her!! Terrible.....

I've got a few great shots of my D Boy too, but I'll put those on after the movie.

Crap, Naydine just peed her bed during her nap! Dang it! I guess it's clean up and then off the Veggie Tales!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Notice Anything Different?

Please tell me you can see a difference!! hehe....

We don't really know what we're doing yet. Eli takes better photos than me but.... that's going to change:)

I need to buy a book, a new lense, and a flash. I think I'll be getting the book first.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I know I blogged about this before and now I have some pictures to prove that I finally finished a project.

I started with this piece from Target:

Added some accessories, baskets, wedding album, etc.... Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the bag and sweaters:)

Side view.....
And was hoping to get something like this.... eek, I swear, mine really does look better in person!! No, not as good as Potterybarn here but... oh well. I really need to get a better camera, it would help!

Happy New Year!! 2008??? Aahh.... I can't believe it! Any cool resolutions out there??