Saturday, December 20, 2008

In the Christmas Spirit

Besides working on getting all my clients their Christmas cards and pictures, I've been busy with my family, too!! Fun stuff, I tell ya! They are just the most important thing in my life and I just love looking back on these pictures because, well, pictures do their job. They remind me of how much JOY my family brings to me and how funny my kids are!

Here is Naydine's first Christmas program and I got the classic pictures. First she sees me and waves.

And then she starts in with the fake cheese. Man, I love that girl:)

Last weekend we went with Tu and Ruthie over to the Carolina to check out all the deco and were able to get these night shots for their Cmas card. I loved these shots..... so pretty. It was a beautiful night. Minus Dane being a complete butt hole. Man, something is up with this child. Teething. It's got to be teething. Something! ugh...

Here we are inside the Carolina and I could barely take any pictures because Dane was completely insane running everywhere. Not cool with all the deco. Ugh.
And my camera-shy girl.....

Oh, here's the turd now. Dane, I love you but DANG BOY! Hey, at least you were going pee on the potty today:) Good boy!:) And you are saying please..... those are good things. Maybe you still will get a Christmas gift after all..... hehehe.

Oh yeah, did I mention it's been 70* the last 3 days. I didn't say sunny and 70*, just 70*. Which, my friends, I'm going to take. I'm headed to the tundra in a few days. Brrrrr!

Thought I should get an update of the house because when we get back, it surely better NOT look like this still! Heaven help me.....
Yeah, we have windows and a roof. Shingles, in the yard. It's been raining. We also have the guts. Most of the guts. And I have my kitchen island figured out. It felt good to get that nailed down. And, I think we have our stone picked out after today.
I feel so bad for our kids. We have been lugging them everywhere and all they do is sit in the truck and watch movies or get yelled at for being naughty in stores. Did I really think it was a good idea to bring Dane to pick out plumbing fixtures? No, I didn't but who in the crap is going to babysit during the day on a week day? They are all in high school!
Seriously, I can't wait for some down time. They deserve it!!
And for the record, Eli and I are doing awesome at being on the same page about picking everything out. So far, no arguments over who gets what and what color, etc. I know that won't last forever but, it feels nice to be agreeing with your husband:)