Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Can't Sleep

I'm laying in bed last night, listening to the sound of tiny feet coming down the stairs. It's approximately 1:45am. "Hi, Naydine", I said. "I can't sleep", replied Naydine. Yeah... well, neither could I. I think I was dreaming about editing pictures, which is like a sick nightmare. And I'm sure there are plenty out there that can completely relate, if you will even read this blog anymore!! I don't blame you! I'm a loser!!!

This is the sweet face that woke me again at 5:30am with, "I can't sleep". What the heck??!?!?! Was she awake in her bed from 1:45-5:30? I highly doubt it but dang, girl!

And this is the sweet face that woke about 1/2 an hour later. Just sleep a little longer guys... that's all I'm asking:)

How much has Dane changed since my last post?!?! He's a big boy now!

Here are the kids last week, working on the new house. Yes, we are still building a house. I'm sure you all thought we were digging a grave by now, not a foundation. No, we are still kicking.

And this was our house when I took this picture. Um.... I think it was last week?? Yeah... must be, we have roof trusses and maybe some other stuff now.... I don't know, I haven't been out there in a few days......

I probably have a million other things I could write about..... honestly, they are not coming to me. I mean, do you really want to hear about how I have waiting on galleries? Um, no, I doubt it. And I'm kind of ticked that I'm missing out on everybody's give aways. Crap, I should do a give away. I could give away my kids' Halloween candy. Ha. Kidding. But if I did a give away, then people would maybe come back to me??? Well, not that I had herds coming to view my page anyway but..... Am I supposed to win something first to start a give away?? No... I doubt it. But I did win one time...... just. one. time. DANG. YIPPIE.
Okay, check back. Maybe I'll be doing a give away. For the fun of it. Hey, maybe I should check my counter and see how many hits I've had:) hehehe....
Miss you all. xoxoxo.