Monday, April 13, 2009

45 days to go

Thought I died, huh? Yeah, well, don't count me back in yet because I still could die. Talk about time-consuming!! Talk about so far over budget that I am shopping myself to death to find the best deals. I mean really??!?! It's getting old and I'm ready to be done. But I think it will be worth the anxiety:) I have some pictures even though everything is really rough still. The tile is mostly in, just a few more areas to go. And we finally got our doors, which was kind of holding everything up.

The 3 doors on the right are for Along the Way Photography..... The two on the left are the front door. Everybody is confused.
I have to say that I really like how the stone came out and matched well with the brick.

We did that built-in hutch. Nope, we don't own china, I'm just putting all our plates/bowls/pasta bowls, etc in there. I love how much crap I can stack in there. Plus it's deep enough to put the large pasta serving bowls in. Yay! But we are eating way too much pasta around here. Bad.
The island, of course. We are putting the micro down there so the kids can just help themselves. Kidding. And to the right of that, the baskets for onions and potatoes, etc. The coolest part about this island will be the butcher block counter top we are getting.
Master shower.... I'm really looking forward to this shower because it's a steam shower. We opted out of doing a tub and went for the steam. We thought, financially, it would be a fair trade..... Not. So. Much. Eli calls it the $20,000 shower. haha.... It's not, but it feels like it! Anyway I think we can fit about 6 people in this shower. 3 standing and 3 sitting on the bench around the corner to the left. Bring your swim suite. Don't be gross.
Pebbles on the floor. We did this on the floor in the Tacoma remodel and I loved it.... round 2. Just a different color.
I have to comment on a few things about building this house..... We've done a full remodel before and lived in 3 houses prior to this, it's not a shocker that we have to pick stuff out, etc. But it's a lot of work to put everything together and be satisfied with how it turns out. NOTHING turns out exactly as you would imagine it. I used to be quick to critique another homeowners selections or vision, but after doing this project I'm not going to be that way anymore. Sometimes you are just never sure how it's going to look until you do it. Most of the time after it's done, you are not going to rip it out! Not that I've wanted to rip anything out:) I am also being tested in being content with what we can afford. There were so many other things that I wanted to do or had my heart set on an upgrade, but had to pass it up:(
I'm just looking forward to moving in and moving on with life!! It's going to be good and I can't wait to get started living there.


Denise said...

Welcome Back....The house is looking Beautiful!

Tori said... didn't even mention your soon-to-be awesome neighbors?? And I refuse to bring my swimsuit. I'm just jumping in the group shower.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, the house is looking great!